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Sahasta encompasses the principle aims of what I aim to offer both on the yoga mat and massage couch.

I provide Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Flow Yoga classes, private tuition, corporate yoga, reformer classesmassage appointments or bespoke one to one yoga tuition with post class massage to truly maximise the benefits, all within the Bury St Edmunds area of Suffolk.

All require booking in advance, please contact me  or text 07795 516065 for further details, or follow the book on line link above to directly reserve your space in my open classes.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Having been under the life changing tutelage of Claire Missingham’s teacher training (RYT200; 2010) and the hugely inspirational Alessandra Pecorella (RYT500), plus ongoing studies with Nikki Myers (since 2012) on the more therapeutic aspects of the practice of Yoga, my classes and private tuition are an amalagamation of years of study, training, practice, experience and extensive collaborative work that I am keen to share the benefits of with everyone – from complete beginners through to those with a more established or advanced practice.

Vinyasa Flow is a thorough and dynamic form of yoga where the main body of the class is principally about  honing your awareness of the breath and the flow. This slowly builds in intensity, focussing on strength and stabilisation, heating and mobilising the whole body to gain the maximum benefits from the second part of the class. Here, the focus shifts to deeper poses held for longer duration to increase flexibility, to release tension and to work to correct strength and flexibility imbalances due to excessive training, postural issues, past or present injuries and stress/life style factors.
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Sports & Remedial Massage
I am a qualified Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist (LSSM Dip, ISRM) and have studied specific myofascial release techniques (Alex Fugallo:LSSM – ISRM) and these techniques are also blended into the yoga assists within my private tuition, where appropriate. Deep tissue remedial massage is suitable for the majority of the population, not just those of a regular sporting disposition. I am also qualified in Swedish Massage and all treatments tend to be a hybrid of all of my training to suit the individual client’s needs in that particular session.

My massage work is a method of manipulation of muscles and connective tissue through a variety of techniques (eg cross fibre deep friction massage), to assist with injury prevention and rehabilitation, increasing training volume, assisting with the correction of postural imbalances, stress relief, relaxation and enhancing general well being. My private practice is fully air conditioned for those sultry Summer days and warm and cosy for the more standard British weather conditions! I also have a FAR sauna for patient use too.

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Can I help you?

I am a hugely enthusiastic advocate of the benefits of yoga and massage on all levels to everyone – hence why it is an integral part of my life.

For anyone who trains regularly and feels they have persistent injury problems or their training volume ceiling is closing down on them – yoga and massage may well be the solution for YOU.

Those from a more sedentary background may find yoga in particular connects with them in a way that ‘regular’ sporting activities never have.

Whatever your reason for interest – to improve flexibility, to strengthen, for injury rehabilitation, to boost your training volume, to prevent injury, for stress management, coping with difficult circumstances or a challenging life transition, for general well being or for any spiritual or holistic motivation, you will get something extremely positive from regular yoga practise and/or thorough massage work.

Plus, it’s worth adding that it’s a great way to feel balanced –  stronger and yet more spacious,  energised yet more calm and centred…and get a great night’s sleep too!
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