About Jacqui

My training

I completed a BSc (Hons) in Sports Studies at Roehampton and became interested in Sports Massage, as it proved to be the most effective treatment for a selection of chronic injuries that I had developed from high mileage road running whilst at University. I wrote my dissertation on sports massage and after graduating went on to do a variety of massage courses, including the critically acclaimed diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage at the LSSM under Mel Cash. This is the highest level of Sports Massage diploma currently available and was the first of it’s kind in the UK when I originally qualified. I have also completed a full Myofascial Release Course at the LSSM (ISRM) under Alex Fugallo, cadaver dissections with Julian Baker (principle of the European College of Bowen Studies), Anatomy Trains with Fiona Palmer, and I will continue to study a range of CPD courses to further deepen my knowledge and advance my practice. I love to learn and am keen to share!

I am a fully qualified, registered and insured LSSM/ISRM practitioner.

I have been extremely lucky to have encountered some hugely talented and inspiring yoga teachers on my own journey and my own sadhana will forever be evolving. In 2010 this culminated in me studying under Claire Missingham on her thoroughly intensive and fully comprehensive teacher training course in London. I continue to study and practise with a variety of highly esteemed Yogis and Yoginis, such as Alessandra Pecorella, Duncan Wong, Melanie Cooper, Denise Martin-Harker , Swami Nityamukatananda and Paul Fox to deepen my own personal practise and enhance my teaching. There is much overlap with my yoga and massage practise and I aim for each to further enhance and consolidate the other.

I am RYT200 qualified and a YOGA ALLIANCE UK registered/insured teacher. I qualified as a Y12SR leader with Nikki Myers at Project Yoga, Richmond, Virginia (USA) in 2012. The Y12SR classes I taught at the Boiler House were the first to be held anywhere in Europe and I now host the Leadership training programme for Y12SR for the UK/Europe. I also provide weekly yoga classes for all clients on the Focus12 drink and drug rehabilitation programme, (this is where the Y12SR classes in Bury are currently held) as I am a firm advocate of the integration of yoga into rehabilitative programmes and aftercare for addicts, and have been extensively involved in research with Cambridge University to test the efficacy of this.

Currently I am nearing the completion of my RYT500 with the hugely inspirational Alessandra Pecorella. http://adityayogaschool.co.uk/  and I have recently embarked on my MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology.


About me

My background is primarily a sporting one, having participated and competed at many levels in most.

As a child, my father motor raced and my mother was a riding instructor and I quickly gravitated towards anything involving going anywhere at high speed. I have ridden horses for most of my life and used to show jump at an affiliated level, although my true passion was for cross country, essentially because it was faster…

Throughout my whole life, middle to long distance running has always played a major part too, and I owe the demise of my knee cartilage to many happy years of fell walking and running in Cumbria.

Other principal sports have included cycling, rowing (Summer sprints/regattas as well as the Winter longer distance head of the river racing), kayaking, skiing, golf, all mountain sports (running, climbing, walking, scrambling, mountain biking – whatever it takes to get up there…I completed a 3 week Winter Outward Bound course in Eskdale), Muay Thai boxing and all aspects of strength and conditioning work in the gym with some highly esteemed PTs and coaches.

I have, over the years, acquired a vast array of sporting injuries. These have been through excessive training, biomechanical imbalances (such as over pronation and scoliosis…although the actual list is far longer….) and impact/accident related – the latter being principally prompted by exiting a horse’s saddle at speed, and meeting a variety of stationary objects such as jump wings, fence posts, the ground and so on.

Due to these injuries and their subsequent postural and movement compensations, I started to struggle to maintain my training volume and this combined with working long hours at a desk/car in a different professional career field, along with general life stress meant that continuing in that way was unsustainable.

Having had my training curtailed, I reluctantly tried ‘a bit of yoga’ to see if something more than my usual, somewhat limited stretching regime would help. It utterly changed my training, my attitude, my awareness and my career.

I am happy to talk enthusiastically and relentlessly to anyone who will stand still long enough to let me impart the transformative benefits that yoga has had on all aspects of my mind, body, soul and life as an integrated whole!