Find my practice videos here.

The classes, lesson plans and guided meditations available via this link on Vimeo are consistently added to throughout the year. You can purchase a 24 hr streaming option for an individual class, or an annual subscription giving you unlimited access to everything, including new material when it becomes available. Alternatively there are LIVE streamed classes, via Zoom that you can book individually via if you prefer to practice on line and still be a part of the class collective – all within the comfort of your own home.
My aim is to share the benefits of a regular yoga practice with you all, no matter if you are able to get to class, on holiday, working shifts or are working away from the area for a while, so that there is minimal disruption to your practice.

The objective is for a full, thorough and consistent practice to promote the myriad of benefits that brings – with the focus on longevity of participation in yoga and all other sports and activities that you may engage in –  this is yoga for life. Please be aware that Vinyasa Flow Yoga and the Deep Slow Flow adaptations are dynamic and challenging physical activities that carry the same inherent injury risks as a fitness or exercise programme, and as such, especially within a home practice, you are responsible for monitoring your own physical condition throughout any activity undertaken. Given that you will have attended open class before, you will have heard me consistently remind you all to back off if you need to, modify with props if necessary…and listen to your breath! The Yogic concept of ahimsa or non-violence applies equally to yourself within your practice. If you have any questions about anything that occurs during your practice, I am also happy to answer any queries you may have. Maximising your fullest potential also includes knowing when to take a break…

Enjoy the flow – safely!