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Levels of practice listed are simply a guide – level 3 might denote more complexity of poses within the class structure but that doesn’t necessarily equate to a more ‘advanced’ practice!

The asana practice is to allow us to deepen our awareness not just move into deeper poses…..

Everyone is welcome to all of my classes but for you to get the most from your practice, please use the guide below or contact me for further details.

WhatsApp 07795 516065

Weekly Classes  IN PERSON

Tuesday 7.30pm – 9.00pm  (90 mins) – level 3 (all levels except beginners) Deep Slow Vinyasa Flow Yoga at Functional Pilates and Movement, Fornham All Saints

Wednesday 6.00pm – 7.00pm  (60 mins) – Mixed Level Reformer Flow at Functional Pilates and Movement, Fornham All Saints

Wednesday 7.15pm – 8.15pm  (60 mins) – all levels including complete beginners Easy Does It – an hour of relaxing and restorative flow yoga at Functional Pilates and Movement, Fornham All Saints

Thursday 10.30am – 11.30am (60 mins) – Level 1-2 Pilates Reformer at Functional Pilates and Movement, Fornham All Saints 

Thursday 6.30pm – 8.00 pm  (90 mins) – level 1-2 (all levels welcome) Foundations of Flow YOGA at Functional Pilates and Movement, Fornham All Saints 

Friday 9.30am – 11.00am (90 mins) – level 2 (all levels welcome)  Deep Slow Flow Yoga – Strength and Serenity at Functional Pilates and Movement, Fornham All Saints

Saturday 9.15am – 10.15am (60 mins) – Mixed levels Reformer Flow at Functional Pilates and Movement, Fornham All Saints 

Saturday 10.30am – 11.30am (60 mins) – Mixed levels Reformer Flow at Functional Pilates and Movement, Fornham All Saints 

 – bookable direct here

Yoga workshops are run on a monthly basis – please check the booking system for regular updates and to book your place.

DEEP SLOW VINYASA FLOW YOGA (LEVEL 3) Vinyasa means “to place in a meaningful way” and each class is a kramically structured sequence of asanas incorporating meditation, pranayama and/or kriya and the asana practice itself (the physical poses) – all set to an eclectic but not intrusive range of music. These classes have a strong emphasis on bandha, core strength, the breath and alignment – and as the focus is on flow – the awareness of the transitions in and out of the asanas (or poses) is as important as awareness in the asanas themselves. Expect the first part of the class to be fairly dynamic before moving into longer sustained poses, to release tension, restriction and increase flexibility – unwinding mind and body in unison. I give plenty of alignment cues and somatic referencing throughout your practice before finishing with relaxation and a closing meditation. DEEP SLOW VINYASA FLOW  is simply slower in the flow than some traditional Vinyasa practices – but not necessarily easier ! It is constantly guiding your awareness inwards to a deep and meditative flow – it is suitable for all levels of practice except complete beginners.

DEEP SLOW FLOW YOGA – STRENGTH AND SERENITY (LEVEL 2) A slower paced hatha style/slow flow class suitable for improvers and those with an established practice looking for something with greater focus on alignment and integrity within individual poses. As such this is a great class for those transitioning from traditional Hatha into more flow based classes too. There is more verbal instruction/explanation with reference to the objectives and activation within individual poses to facilitate greater understanding. The class will give each individual time to explore the asana to hone their awareness and the opportunity to somatically experience the concept of sthira and sukha – strength and ease – for functional efficiency and balance within the body and mind. It is also a great way to explore any asymmetry and work to facilitate balance between left and right, strength and flexibility, space and stability – focusing on the core and breath as the foundation of awareness. It is open to all levels including beginners (level 2)

FOUNDATIONS OF FLOW YOGA (LEVEL 1-2) This is suitable for beginners and improvers as it is an entry level class. Much more instruction and explanation is given and please note that some students choose to do all 3 levels of practice to deepen their awareness, as the progression is INWARDS. Many students with an established practice also book into this class ad hoc if they are looking for something less dynamic to complement other activities and training. Everyone is welcome !

FOUNDATIONS OF *REFORMER* FLOW (ALL LEVELS) This is a mixed ability class, which whilst it can be dynamic in places, can be simply modified to suit those who are less experienced. (If you have had no prior practice on a pilates reformer, please feel free to contact me to discuss suitability/arranging an intro session.) The flow is slow, with emphasis on control and awareness rather than repetitions and complexity. As with all the yoga flow classes, time to notice the detail is where the richness of the practice resides. Savour the exploration !

Y12SR classes (returning soon) – Y12SR is for anyone affected by addiction. The 12-step recovery model, created in 1939, is the most well-known and pervasive addiction/recovery programme in the world with millions of practitioners internationally. In a word, the characteristics and effects of addiction could easily be described as separation. Addictive behaviours separate and disconnect us from ourselves, our loved ones, our environment and so much more. Conversely, yoga itself means union, integration, balance. Yoga and its practices teach the fine art of balancing our multidimensional lives while living in a complex world. The 12 step programme approaches addiction at a cognitive level, yoga includes a somatic approach. The combining of the two creates a model that truly addresses addiction as the physical, mental and spiritual disease that it is. Y12SR recognises that yoga and its practices are a part of a holistic recovery programme and rather than a replacement, it provides adjunct tools to address the physical, mental and spiritual disease of addiction. The 90 minute weekly class is open to anyone affected by addiction – this is especially aimed at those individuals in the “aftercare” phase of their treatment, who are looking to combine the cognitive side of their programme with a physical yoga (asana) practice to consolidate and enhance the efficacy of each to maintain awareness, mindfulness and balance.

Recovery is a process, not an event, and Y12SR can play a large part in this.

Each class will follow a meeting/reading and physical practice format. No prior experience of yoga is necessary.

Please contact me direct on 07795 516065 OR if you have any questions or wish to book.

The next Y12SR leadership training programmes are happening ON LINE  – please click on the link above to book your space.


The next in these amazing series of events is Autumn 2024 – watch this space!

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£10 for 60 mins YOGA 

£14 for 90 mins YOGA at Fornham

£17.50 for 60 mins REFORMER

Booking policy:  Secure your space via the booking system (save this link )

You can pay by credit or debit card ON LINE. Please note, class numbers are limited so I would request that you only book if you know you can attend that class time, or wait to book until you know you can attend. Last minute/same day cancellations block class spaces for others, so it is necessary to state that they are non transferable tickets. This way, everyone gets a regular practice respectfully and harmoniously ! Thank you x


Looking forward to seeing you on the mat …or reformer !