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Telephone:    07795 516065

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Classes and sports massage appointments are held in a variety of local locations within a few minutes of Bury St Edmunds.

Massage :

Park Farm Practice, Fornham St Genevieve IP28 6TS

Sahasta Private Practice in Bradfield Combust, Bury St Edmunds IP30 0LU

Yoga :

Yoga At The Boiler House, Shirehall Way, Bury St Edmunds IP33 2BA

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Helen S:

With Jacqui’s in-depth knowledge of the body you can’t help but feel as a student and as a client in such wonderfully safe hands.
An amazing massage from hand made massage balm to inspirational conversation.
Brilliant, utterly brilliant, I would recommend to everyone.
Jacqui has no idea how fantastic she is and it’s just that down to earth humbleness and honesty that brightens your day.

Lorna L:

Jacqui is an absolutely brilliant Yoga Teacher. She is knowledgeable, dedicated and passionate about what she does. She uses her expert knowledge in Sports Science to help you successfully and safely into poses. She adjusts your poses carefully to allow you to achieve your potential. I love going to Jacqui’s classes, she makes you work hard but you feel the benefits of it afterwards! Highly recommended.

Loreto M:

With Jacqui  you know that you are in the best of hands. She is knowledgeable, generous with her time and attention as well as being a skilled yoga instructor. I enjoy & benefit from her classes which are taught with sensitivity for the individual needs of her learners.

Karen H:

I have benefited from both yoga classes & massage treatment for a shoulder injury with this business. Jacqui is extremely knowledgeable, competent & personable. You feel as if she really cares about what you get out of either a class or treatment, rather than just another client through the door.

Robert B:

Great emergency help to sports injury with excellent advice and tips. Highly recommend.

Andrew S:

I am a regular client of Jacqui, both as a Yoga student and sports massage. I am certain that she is a crucial factor in my fitness regime as I am now in my late 40’s and still active in physical competitive sports. It is obvious Jacqui is genuinely highly motivated in her clients well being and her massage skills are by far the best I have encountered. I have also found her extensive knowledge in sports injury/psychology to be invaluable in assisting me achieve the best of my abilities and avoiding injury in between therapies.

Virginia W:

I love Jacqui’s Yoga classes! She has a thorough understanding of the body and I have great confidence in her teaching of Yoga without causing strain or injury to the body (something that I have unfortunately experienced in other Yoga classes). Her Vinyasa flow class always leaves me feeling wonderfully stretched and invigorated, priceless if you sit all day long!  I also indulged myself in a 90min. massage which proved wonderfully relaxing and resulted in the restoration of flexibility in my shoulders, a restriction I’d been carrying for way too long.  Her Yoga workshop’s well worth the money, very informative, and enjoyable. Having practiced Yoga for 5yrs and experienced several teachers/classes I’ve found Jacqui’s one of the best!

Deborah K:

You couldn’t be in better hands with Jacqui. Yoga classes that are challenging, yet leave you chilled out for hours….and the massages, I guarantee will be the best you’ll ever experience! Her anatomical knowledge is incredibly impressive, so either in the studio or on the couch, it’s worth every penny.

Natalie G:

I highly recommend Jacqui’s yoga classes and workshops. Jacqui is a wonderful teacher, I feel guided, supported and in safe hands throughout doing yoga. I always come out feeling renewed, clear headed, calm and with lots of energy. Jacqui’s puts together a incredible playlist of music to accompany her yoga, which really adds and enhances to her yoga classes. Thank you Jacqui

Elke K:

Having been spoiled by a great yoga teacher during my time living in France, I was looking for a decent yoga teacher in my area for 10 years. No need to look any further now as I finally found her – Jacqui from Sahasta. What a relief! What a breath of fresh air! Jacqui’s attention to detail of each pose and enthusiasm is infectious. I am always looking forward to her classes and I feel brilliant afterwards. If you are a runner, I strongly recommend the “yoga for runners” workshop too – I will definitely be back for more!

Manus K:

The yoga tuition is excellent and delivered with enthusiasm, patience and care – the session just flies by!

Sue B:

I love the energy and dedication Jacqui puts into her classes. Her love of yoga shines through and her commitment to making sure each person gets the most out of each practice is inspiring.

Anne V:

Jacqui is always positive, always has a smile, a welcome and time for all her clients. She knows  a great deal about what  she teaches, is sensitive to coping with restrictions and physical limitations of individuals and is always looking to learn more about what she teaches. She teaches a range of classes from those appropriate to beginners to those more suited to clients looking for advanced tuition or wanting to go on to do a teaching qualification themselves.  I would be happy to recommend her classes to anyone.

Michele B:

I had a wonderful massage with Jacqui to help ease terrible neck tension and also pain in my shoulders caused from stupidly pulling up the roof of my convertible! It was one of the best massages I have ever had. Jacqui seemed to get hold of the knots in my neck and ease them down and out of my back, amazing! The pain in my shoulders has eased measurably and I have much more mobility in them. Jacqui is incredibly knowledgeable and professional and I would highly recommend Sahasta to anyone.

Sue B: 

Jacqui has been treating my shoulder problem and I have been amazed at how much it has improved. I was not aware of quite how much tension there was in my back, neck
and shoulders; it all feels so much better now. I would definitely recommend Jacqui’s massage treatments – not only do they really work, they are SO relaxing and enjoyable.

David C: 

Jacqui has sorted out my back when I was stupid enough to try decorating myself, and then went riding after pulling a muscle. She’s reliable, efficient, good value and very amusing. Can’t recommend her highly enough.

Frances J:
Jacqui’s yoga classes are the ultimate balance for strengthening and improving flexibility with assistance to guide and encourage. Coupled with regular massage treatments my back has been transformed, this has given me improvements in all activities, work and horses and also given me the determination to continue to improve and enjoy!

Kate R: 

Jacqui’s massage services are first class – I periodically get problems from a previous frozen shoulder and she did a great job at getting me mobile and pain free. Highly recommended!

Forrest M: 

The Yoga classes are great and she takes care of each person in class as an individual! Can’t beat the instruction or the price. Highly recommended.

Jon B: 

Jacqui’s yoga classes are ideal for me with the perfect balance between flow and power, one for the boys you might say…It’s a great way to spend an evening and you get the best night’s sleep ever!