Welcome to Sahasta: Yoga and Sports Massage in Suffolk

Sa’has’ta, adj: With the hands – skilful and dextrous use of ….”

Sahasta encompasses the principle aims of what I aim to offer both on the yoga mat and massage couch.

I offer yoga classes, one to one tuition, massage appointments or bespoke one to one yoga tuition with post class massage to truly maximise the benefits of both.

All require booking in advance, please contact me for further details.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Having been under the amazing and fully comprehensive tutelage of Claire Missingham’s teacher training, my classes incorporate a series of hands on assists that help the student’s overall postural alignment, their understanding of the aim of the asanas and to deepen the practise, improve gains in flexibility and enhance the release of tension.

This is a dynamic form of yoga where the first part of the class gives the student a thorough work out, focussing on strengthening and stabilising (especially the core, through awareness of bandha), energising, heating and mobilising the whole body to gain the maximum benefits from the second part of the class. Here, the focus shifts to deeper poses held for longer duration to increase flexibility, to release tension and to work to correct strength and flexibility imbalances due to excessive training, postural issues, past or present injuries and stress/life style factors.
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Sports & Remedial Massage
I am a qualified Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist (LSSM DIP) and am currently studying myofascial release techniques (LSSM – ISRM) and these techniques are also blended into the yoga assists within my classes.

My massage work is a more passive method of manipulation of muscles and connective tissue through a variety of techniques (eg cross fibre deep friction massage), to assist with injury prevention and rehabilitation, increasing training volume, assisting with the correction of postural imbalances, stress relief, relaxation and enhancing general well being.Learn More…