Sports and Remedial Massage – Integrative Body Work

Manipulation of the superficial and deeper layers of muscle and connective tissue for a whole host of beneficial, restorative and balancing effects…

Why Sports / Deep Tissue / Remedial Massage ? A wholly intergrative experience…

Your treatment can be to treat a specific problem or dysfunction or for general maintenance work to assist with the recovery phase in between training sessions. The assessment techniques I use are a combination of palpation, range of motion and alignment tests combined with your observations of your own pain or movement impairment experience. Each treatment is utterly bespoke, based solely upon the needs of you, the client.

A fully comprehensive massage can break down inter and intramuscular adhesions, myofascial “snags”, aid the healing process and the elimination of toxins and metabolic waste and generally boost a sense of well being, balance and overall alignment.


Sports and Remedial massage is often characterised by being a more intense and thorough experience than a standard Swedish effleurage based massage, principally because some of the techniques used such as deep friction cross fibre work, NMT and STR require the client to fully engage in the treatment, using the breath to facilitate more effective results. Myofascial release (MFR) techniques also help to restore postural alignment and improve the functional integration of the body as a whole, as well as assisting in improving range of motion and power output of individual areas. These Myofascial techniques afford a level of specificity in assessment and treatment that is highly effective and therefore the bedrock of most of the remedial massage work I do. Where appropriate, I will also advise clients on any specific exercises or stability work you may need to do to help with maintenance or dysfunction prevention. If you seek a more passive experience to enhance your training, to flush through a specific area post competition/training or to assist with stress management and general day to day living, I will tailor the treatment to your requirements following your consultation.

It is a highly beneficial method of injury management, treatment and prevention, training volume boost or maintenance, an aid in postural realignment and an effective antidote to stress or anxiety.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of treatment, your requirements and your aims from a regular treatment programme, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Treatments take place on weekdays during the day with some evenings and weekends too – please contact me to discuss availability.

Please note that any cancellation with less than 48 hours notice regrettably has to be charged in full.

Treatment Prices: (at Sahasta Private Practice, ‘The Treatment Room’, Functional Pilates and Movement, Moseley’s Farm Business Park, Fornham All Saints IP28 6JY)

£65 for 60 minutes

£95 for 90 minutes

£125 for 120 minutes

My private practice is either in central Bury (in between St Benedict’s and County Upper schools), has free parking and is by appointment only – or at Functional Pilates in Moseley’s Farm Park, Fornham All Saints. The clinic is fully air conditioned for those sultry Summer days, and warm and cosy for the more usual British weather!

I only use organic base and essential oils in my treatments – sourced from Shea Butter for deep tissue work and a shea butter/coconut oil blend for Swedish massage treatments.

Vouchers are also available for purchase with either a 3 or 6 month expiry period. Please state your preference at time of purchase.

WhatsApp or Text 07795516065 for further details.